Integrative Coaching

For the Spirited Woman who deep down feels she can be, do or have what she wants yet is feeling depleted of self connection, passion or purpose in life. She is ready to be empowered to move towards the next evolution of herself and knows she needs the guidance and skills to do so.

What do you want?

Can you list your values?  Are you aware when a limiting belief 

is stopping your forward action?  Do you have an expansive 

morning self-care routine?  Do you know what the greater version

of yourself is and how to get there?  If you have been looking to say YES to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!    


I work with growth-minded, spirited women who are desiring a change in how they are showing up in this life.  The integrative approach to my coaching is built on creating success and clarity through working with the body, mind and spirit, values, self-care habits and co-creation. 


When the body and mind are more clear, discovering your values, visions and goals is uncomplicated.   This integrative coaching program will help you take aligned, purposeful action from the moment you wake so you can truly attain what you want to be, do or have.  When your actions are in line with your vales, you tune to your higher purpose.

Are you ready to co-create the purposeful, passionate, connected life you feel you were meant to be living?  

1:1 Integrative Coaching   6 weeks  $900

1:1 Integrative Coaching  12 weeks $1800

1:1 Integrative Coaching  24 weeks  $3600

all programs include admission to a 4 mini course