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My #1 tip for optimizing healthy digestion.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Before I found Ayurveda my digestion was a wreck. After most meals my stomach was bloated and gassy. I eliminated every three days or so and had heartburn after almost every meal. This seemed to be what happened in my family so I thought all that was normal. 

Meeting Ayurveda Ayurveda believes all disease starts in the gut and that taking care of your digestive fire (agni) is essential to your whole health. The key to a healthy digestion is giving it regularly scheduled meals and allowing for time to rest between eating. 

How often do you skip meals? Do you eat late at night or on the go? How about snacking after dinner or throughout the day? Most dietary guidelines focus on what you eat or on restricting certain foods, rather than focusing on the timing of meals.

Turns out, timing is everything.  Rhythmic Eating is my #1 tip for optimizing your healthy digestion.

What is Rhythmic Eating

Ayurveda recommends eating three meals a day and no snacking between meals. Not snacking is not exactly in our culture right? However Ayurveda is really focused on bringing the digestive fire back to peak performance. One way this is done is to eat at about the same time each day so your body becomes familiar with the routine you create. Along with eating at the same time daily is the ability to let your digestion do its job and then give it a rest. This is where the no snacking comes in.

Why Do It

Agni or your digestive fire is a huge proponent in your health. Having optimal digestion can help you maintain healthy weight, lessen aches, increase your energy and up-level your immune system.

How to Start

I recommend starting with your last meal being a bit lighter and closing the kitchen by 6-7pm. Then doing intermittent fasting for 12-13 hours. So, if you finish dinner and close your kitchen by 7pm you will not eat again until you break-fast at 7-8am. What you eat then, should sustain you until your noonish meal (which is a great time of day to eat your biggest meal). What you eat at the noonish meal should sustain you until your lighter dinner. And what you eat at your lighter dinner should sustain you through the next 12-13 hours while you sleep.

Do you desire:

To easily maintain optimal weight?

To have fewer cravings?

To have sustainable energy?

To experience deep rejuvenation?

To have less aches and more energy?

Then my suggestion would be to make friends with Rhythmic Eating.

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