Food & You:

Venture Into A New Relationship

Are you craving unhealthy food and overly snacking?   Does eating leave you feeling bloated and gassy?  Do you eat whenever you want regardless of feeling hungry?   Are you carrying extra weight that is causing you to feel self conscious? 

Do you know something needs to change for you to feel stronger, leaner and more clear?

Join me and others with a goal to feel more in control of your eating and meal planning as you learn Ayurveda and build your digestive fire through healthier eating habits and enjoy your body more as it feels less achy, groggy and sluggish.
Learn to pulsate between true hunger and satiation and watch your body respond by feeling lighter leaner, more energetic and more focused.

Create a new relationship to food as  you experiment with rhythmic eating as you enable a calmer nervous system, better digestion, and more comfortably fitting clothes.    

Bring more deliberate joy into your life as you are guided into simple daily strategies that increase your energy, clear your counters and connect you to nutrition as you lessen brain fog, decision fatigue and overwhelm around food.
Explore your old patterns and increase confidence as you learn simple habit hacks you can implement immediately.  
This is an experience based, strategy building, 5 week LIVE online course with workbook, videos, accountability and 1:1 coaching included. 
Are you ready for conscious change?