The Integrative Body Courses

12 weeks Integrative Habits Course:

Designing Your Desired Life

 This group coaching program is for you if you have the foundation of real self care and are ready to reach deep within to design your desired life.  

The Designing Your Desired Life strategy takes you through my integrative framework to get you curious and clear about your beliefs, your values, and your goals. Where you are and where you want to be. You dive into your values, boundaries, clarity, the big What & Why and make friends with your resistance in order to move past it.  This program is steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom, Law of Attraction, EFT, emotional intelligence, nero-plasticity, accountability and group support. 

Are you ready to be challenged  and empowered to move towards the next evolution of you?

Designing Your Desired Life  $700     Start Date September 2020

Food & You: A Fabulous New Relationship Begins

Are you craving unhealthy food? Do you eat when ever you want regardless of feeling hungry? Do you know why you want to eat an earlier, lighter dinner or the habit hacks for easy meal prep? 

Join the group and create a new relationship to food as you dive into the How, What and When aspects of eating.  Through healthier eating guidelines and habit hacks, you focus on the ease of meal planning and meal prep, when to close your kitchen and when to eat the biggest meal of the day. As you experiment with the basics of Ayurvedic eating, you  enable a calmer nervous system, better digestion, and more comfortably fitting clothes

  September, 2020  4 week live online $225

Master The Wind-Down & Wake-Up Makeover

Do you find yourself falling asleep on the couch? Are you groggy, achy and grumpy when you wake? Do you feel like your life is on a gerbil wheel and you can't gain traction in the direction you want to go?

Learn simple habits to begin and end your day that build resilience through your body, mind and soul. Learn tips to become a master of your morning so you can rocket out your day.  Experience the basics of a serious and simple wind-down routine that helps you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake more rested and restored. 

 June 3, 2020         4 weeks live online        $225

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It can be challenging to move forward to your unique goals and desires when you are mired in poor self care.  

Deep supportive self care is the foundation you need to clean up your patterns and deliberately create the life you want.

Real self care builds energy, clarity, confidence and calm. Who doesn't want that?