Celebrate 2021!



Say goodbye to 2020 and forget resolutions that fizzle by February! Take more empowered action to get clear with what you want and how to get it. This is an opportunity to take the necessary steps to actually achieving your goals. Let’s work together to start 2021 in alignment, designing your desires & goals and watch your life get wicked good.

You may be interested in signing up if you are:

  • Unclear on your 2021 goals

  • Have goals but don't know how to take aligned action

  • Know what is important, but not sure how to create more of it in your life

  • Find your body is holding onto old patterns creating limitations

  • Allowing limiting thoughts and posture to sabotage your path

  • Feel you are not living into your true potential

In the 4 weeks you will learn to:

  • Release the body/brain fog that is keeping you on the edge of being happy and fulfilled

  • Begin to organize the chaos of thoughts in your head so you can choose which to follow 

  • Loosen the emotions that keep your body in a holding pattern so you can move more freely

  • Increase the quality of your decisions and learn to trust yourself

  • Access new, inspired thoughts that will have you taking new, inspired actions

  • Feel your body align to what is important to you so you can focus on what brings you joy

  • Change your posture to create instant confidence in imperfect situations

4 week session $598 (a savings of $250)

Week 1 Align:

2 hours 1:1 coaching with bodywork 

Week 2 Design:

Full hour of coaching (phone or zoom)

Week 3 Clear:

Full hour of Bodywork  (in person)

Week 4 Create:

Full hour of coaching with reflection, Q&A (phone or zoom)

Limiting participants to 10.   Register by January 11, 2021

Sessions begin the week of January 18

All sessions are consecutive. 



Erin Mitchell : Certified Life Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist

Using a holistic, body-oriented approach, my primary role as your coach is to facilitate reconnecting to your own inner wisdom (aligning),encouraging you to shape clear, attainable goals (designing) and supporting you to take dynamic action (creating). When you begin to hear your own process, trust the wisdom of your body and believe in the possibilities… life gets wicked good.  






Every time I spend time with Erin, I leave feeling like I’m ready for something more, some new growth, some way of expanding..- Deb Webster

Erin is amazing at helping you to figure out what your roadblocks are and encouraging you to work through them. She could so quickly see that my mindset was a major factor in how my body was feeling and quickly began to set me up with tools and resources to improve it. Definitely worth working with her!- Juli Young 

Body work - talking to your body works and Erin can help you make it effective - Erin's hands have magical powers that find the source of an issue and help you resolve it. Course - it is hard work but it is also empowering and rewarding to work with Erin.-Sarah Wood