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 I have been traveling on the path of personal growth, self exploration, and transformation for over 20 years and because I am now in love with my life, I have chosen Life Coaching to be my career.  I use a holistic body-oriented  approach to coaching that has us working together reclaiming your connection  and alignment to what is important to you. We focus on listening to your body for the subtle and not so subtle messages it brings. We design and build  goals from the place of what matters to you. Then we  dive into creating the action steps needed to reach those desires. I champion you  and I challenge you as you take the leap into creating the life you know you are meant to lead with your whole being! 


I was living a mundane, less than joyful life making poor decisions  and taking my frustration out on my family and friends.  I was a mother, a wife, a business owner and unhappy.  I needed help.  I made the decision I wanted a bigger, better life with more alignment to my purpose in career, pleasure in life and  connection to myself and others.  So I  hired a coach, a facilitator, a guide.  What ever word fits for you, if you are still reading this, chances are good you know what I'm talking about.  My life began to change.  I became clear on what I valued and what was most important to me. I became more conscious of my health, my patterns, and my stories. I began to take more control of how I wanted to show up in this one dear life I have. My relationships improved, my patience in parenting improved my health improved and I became the leader of my life and celebrated  as it got wicked good.

P.S. It's never too late to start transforming.


My Why

  Life Coaching

Are you ready to take your life to the next level of great? Do you want to tap into your body's wisdom for your own answers as you set and reach for goals?


As a Certified Life Coach I  work with people who are desiring to reconnect to their inner divine and show up more empowered to  the life she wants to live.  I work with the woman who wants to   make  decisions that are aligned to her values, encourage growth and tap into her innate desire for purpose and pleasure.


Working together you will gain clarity and alignment to what is really important to you, design your desires, dreams and goals from that place and receive unconditional support as you take  the authentic actions to confidently create your reality.

Are you ready to master your mindset and live a life with more ease, fun and connection? Are you ready to find your purpose in career, call in that perfect partner, or rock being the best parent to your children you can?

Get curious! Get courageous! Get going!


1 : 1 coaching  12 weeks $1799

My daughter Emma and I

celebrating my 50th

  Group Courses
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Join the tribe and learn the simple tools of real self-care that restore the body, refresh the mind and rebuild the spirit.   

9 Week Intensive 

Group Coaching Course

this course is in development and will launch in Fall 2021

Take your life to the next level of feeling fulfilled, following aligned action, creating success and experiencing a deeper relationship with what works in your life so you can live with less stress, more pleasure, clarity of mind, healthier stronger body, and better choices that support your  body, mind & spirit. This 9 weeks is a deep dive into personal transformation. During this time you will be creating a blueprint for the person you are becoming, clearing the way for pleasure, success, confidence and building, adventure into the unknown of bigger visions. This course is designed for the individual who has a foundation in personal growth and self-care. This course is not intended as an introduction to personal growth work.

Master Your Morning & Evening

March 3- March 31, 2021 Wednesday evenings


Are you waiting for something to change so you feel better in life? Are you unfocused, unclear, unhappy and playing small? Do you want more pleasure and fulfillment  in your days, but don't know how to go about that?

Do you know something needs to change for you to feel more confident, more purpose and more satisfied?

Get a Morning Mindset Makeover = fully rock your day

Master Your Evening = improve sleep, wake restored

Create Structure = raise your standard & be more fulfilled

Establish New, Tiny Actions = feel better inside and out

Create Routines = master your time

Clear Your Clutter = clear your mind

Learn Ayurveda Basics = feel more in control

This course is an introduction to Ayurveda and strategies around meditation, mindset, new habits, old patterns, resistance and accountability. If you are ready to live more deliberately,  increase the intelligence of your choices, and learn simple habit hacks you can implement immediately, this is the course for you. Deadline to sign up for the next course is January 27, 2021.





Food & You:

Venture Into A New Relationship

dates coming


Are you craving unhealthy food and overly snacking?   Does eating leave you feeling bloated and gassy?  Do you eat whenever you want regardless of feeling hungry?   Are you carrying extra weight that is causing you to feel self conscious? 

Do you know something needs to change for you to feel stronger, leaner and more clear?

Gain control over your eating = enjoy your body
Enjoy your body = more confidence
Meal Plan & Prep = ease overwhelm, lessen decision fatigue
Pulsate between hunger & satiation = build digestive fire 
Build digestive fire = feel lighter & leaner
Experiment with rhythmic eating = more energy and focus
Clean fridge = more ease & enjoyment 
This course is an introduction to Ayurveda and strategies around meal planning, food prep, the doshas, rythmic eating, mindset, new habits, old patterns, resistance and accountability. If you are ready to live more deliberately,  increase the intelligence of your choices around eating, and learn simple habit hacks around food you can implement immediately, this is the course for you. Deadline to sign up for the February course is January 27, 2021.



Advanced Integrative Massage or Bowenwork

Re-Balance Your Body and Re-Align your mind

more information

Because every individual body is unique and holds different patterns and stories,  Advanced Integrative Massage was created to customize your session snd align with your specific goals and needs. This technique works to calm the nervous system, increase breath awareness, bring transformation to  to negative thought patterns, and aids to release holding of old stories in the body.

I work within the comfort zone of the body as a whole and do not believe in the 'no pain no gain' method of hands on therapy. I integrate breathing techniques, Reiki and EFT (emotional freedom technique) when necessary and essential oils and hot stones are also available and may be used to assist in releasing and balancing the body, mind, spirit. I have been working with massage for 20 years and still find joy in what I do.

Erin Mitchell MA LMT

Certified Life Coach



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