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Are you a free spirit or a bit of rebel and walking the path less traveled in life?   Do you know you were made for bigger but are in stuck or mundane mode?   Are your goals elusive or just out of reach?    I hear you.   I see you.   I feel you.   We are made to desire, feel pleasure, & find purpose.  Feeling disconnected from any or all of these can lead to a feeling of a life half lived.   I know this because I have been here there


I was living a mundane, joyless life making one bad decision after another and taking my frustration out on my family and friends.  I was a mother a wife a business owner and unhappy.  I needed help.  I made the decision I wanted a bigger better life with more purpose, pleasure and connection to what brought me joy.  So I  hired a coach, a facilitator, a guide.  What ever word fits for you, if you are still reading this, chances are good you know what I'm talking about.  My life began to change.  I became clear on what I valued (these have since changed a bit) I became more conscious of my health and my patterns and began to take more control of how I wanted to show up in this  one dear life I have.

 I have been on the path of personal growth, self exploration, transformation for over 20 years and because I am in love with my life now I have chosen this to be my work.  I work with an integrative approach to coaching that has us working together reclaiming your daily connection, purpose and pleasure, realigning you with your Values, Visions and Goals and tuning into the body, mind and spirit so you can take the leap into creating the life you know you are meant to lead with your whole being and who doesn't want that!  

P.S. It's never too late to start


  Integrative Coaching

Coaching for the woman who feels stuck or disconnected and needs a shift to reset her fulfillment, pleasure and purpose in her life as she evolves into her next phase


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Do you ever feel like you are on the hamster wheel of life or like you want to crawl out of your skin and don't know why? Have you looked back on your last 2-5 years wondering where the time has gone and wondering what you have to show for it? I have. 

I now work with people who are desiring to show up differently everyday.  I work with people who want to feel good and live more empowered and deliberately,  make better decisions and tap into their innate desire for purpose and pleasure. You will gain clarity and smash old beliefs, thoughts and stories that are keeping you in that stuck, circling pattern. You will walk away knowing your values, visions and habits that create success.  Reaching your goals becomes a reality and is no longer elusive or frustrating.  Join me in going from pain to possibilities!  

Are you ready to master your mindset and live a life with more ease, fun and connection? Are you ready to find your purpose in career, call in that perfect partner, or rock being the best parent to your children or business you can?

Get curious! Get courageous! Get going!

Get in touch to get your questions answered and see if we are a good fit to move you forward!


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  Group Courses

Join the tribe and learn the simple tools of real self-care that restore the body, refresh the mind and rebuild the spirit.   

Master Your Evening and Morning Routine  Begins September 9, 2020

Get a Morning Mindset Makeover so you can fully rock you day.   Master Your Evening so you can get to sleep faster and wake more restored. This course is an introduction to meditation, mindset, creating new habits, resistance and accountability. If you are ready to gain more deliberate action, pleasure and increase the intelligence of your choices this is a course for you.





Food & You:

Adventure Into A New Relationship

Improve your Relationship with Food so you can

feel more energized, clean and lean. Learn the kitchen hacks to make your life around food more easeful and enjoyable. Increase the intelligence of your body and it's eating patterns to create better choices and feel better.



12 Week Intensive 

Group Coaching & Habits Course

Take your life to the next level of feeling good, following aligned action, creating success and experiencing a deeper relationship with what works in your life so you can live with less stress, more pleasure, clarity of mind, healthier stronger body, and better choices that support your whole body.  

Advanced Integrative Massage

Re-Balance Your Body and Re-Align your mind

Because every individual body is unique and holds different patterns and stories,  Advanced Integrative Massage was created to customize your session snd align with your specific goals and needs. This technique works to calm the nervous system, increase breath awareness, bring awareness to negative thought patterns, and aids to release holding of old stories in the body.

I work within the comfort zone of the body as a whole and do not believe in the no pain no gain method of hands on therapy. I integrate breathing techniques, Reiki and EFT (emotional freedom technique) when necessary and essential oils and hot stones are also available and may be used to assist in releasing and balancing the body, mind, spirit. I have been working with massage for 20 years and still find joy in what I do.

60 minutes 

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Erin Mitchell MA LMT



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